Gamthi Kathiyawadi Restaurant

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Ellora Park
Raj Avenue Complex, Opp. Kalpataru Super Market , Ellora Park, Vadodara

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  • Raj Dave

    4 years ago
    Very bad
    Very bad techniques these guys use to sell Unlimited dishes. Last Sunday on 23rd August 2015 I was there with my 3 other friends and out of 4 we 3 ordered Rs. 80 unlimited dish and one told to bring limited Rs 60 Kathiyawadi Thali. But that guy who was taking this order told us it was very hard for our guys to serve you if you order like this because only one has limited dish and other have unlimited so order all 4 unlimited its just Rs 20 more. So for their easiness they forced us to order 4 dishes one worth Rs 80. So they do not care for people''s hard earning money and they just want their easiness. Yes by reading this some people may ask me that what you can do with just Rs 20 ? But point is not Rs 20 but its all about their service and they can''t say this kind of thing to customer unless they have fear that we are ordering 1 limited and that guy will take food from other. Why we do this kind of thing. That''s their poor mentality. Do you guys remember latest case of not returning 50 paisa from one reputed pizza company and that customer filed case in court and won that and got some money from that pizza company. So it was not just 50 paisa case but it was case against this kind of tricks to get people''s money. Its not all about 50 paisa or Rs 20 at all but we Indians now need to be careful in situations like this. Hope this would help someone who will go for this place.